Sustainable Practice

At Craftsman Label, we have trimmed our waste and continue to refine our efforts to help retain the natural resources of this planet. To that effect,

  • we use water-based inks without the harsh chemicals, so as not to contaminate our waterways and to lower carbon output.
  • we have a plate making process which has eliminated the use of all chemicals.
  • we choose to use cloth towels in our pressroom, provided by a “green” laundry.
  • each employee has a recycling bin at their station.
  • all paper products are recycled.
  • all employees now use ceramic coffee mugs to cut down on disposable cups.
  • any obsolete electronic equipment is donated to the Goodwill E-Cycle center rather than thrown into a landfill cluttering our environment for generations to come.

As a benefit to our clients, we offer multi-part labels which minimize the need for a larger package because they use less space. These labels sometimes called “Peel Back,” “Expanded Content”, “Booklet” labels, or even “Coupon Labels,” are a great way to reduce your eco footprint.

We encourage everyone to recycle both at work and at home to sustain our world.

Ask about our “Peel Back” labels—
a simple way to cut down your packaging
while gaining additional space for text.