Specialty Options and Processes

Circumstances often require unique materials or construction. See below for some of the unique options we can produce.

  • Peel-Back Labels
  • Onserted Booklets
  • Multi-web construction
  • Redeemable Coupons
  • CD and DVD labels
  • Mailing and Shipping Labels
  • Address Stickers
  • Foil Badges
  • Safety Strips


With over 4000 standard die shapes, we probably have one that you can use rather than creating a custom die. However, if you are looking for something unique to your job, we can produce any shape you need.

  • Standard Dies
    • Circles
    • Ovals
    • Rectangles
  • Custom Dies

If you don’t see the type of label,
process or material you need,
please call us at
503-557-7000 or 1-800-274-4171,
we’re sure we can accommodate you.